Swinging – Let’s continue the story


Fast forward to February 2016

My husband went away for the weekend to visit our son who was living temporarily in another city 4 hours away. Steve, the guy who lasted less than 10 seconds the first time we got together to have sex in his truck and I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to get together to have sex in a bed. We had only been together the one time in the truck and knew that this weekend presented itself as the perfect chance. We spoke about it for a couple of weeks to make sure we were both on the same page regarding his arrival, what we will do, what I needed to buy, etc.

Saturday morning finally came. I spoke with him by Skype and he decided that he would be there sometime around 4pm.  I was very excited. I had bought all the groceries I needed to make us a nice supper to set the right ambiance. I was going to be cooking for him and wanted it to go well. From there, our plan was to spend the rest of the evening playing in bed. He was going to stay over and leave Sunday after lunch. That gave us a lot of play time and I was really looking forward to it.

I prepared the supper early so that when he arrived, I would be able to focus my attention on him. I was in a great mood. I was excited. I felt like a high school girl with a crush. It was a great feeling. I was going to finally have sex.

Finally, at 4pm, I started to get a bit nervous. I was worried that he wouldn’t have fun, he wouldn’t like what I cooked, I was dressed wrong, etc. All the usual feelings of nervousness on your first real “date”. By 5pm, I was worried that something had happened because he still hadn’t arrived. I was worried because I couldn’t reach him. But then, by 6pm, he finally messaged me and told me he wasn’t coming over. He had a change of heart and decided that I was toxic for him. That every time we planned to get together, he would get a migraine. He thought that it was my fault that he was getting sick. Truth be known, I think it was his fear of failure again. The fact that he wasn’t able to perform the first time, he was probably fearful it would happen again.

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was. I was just floored. I had not had decent sex in forever and I was just beside myself. While I was crying, I received a Skype message from a man by the name of Tariq that I had met just a few days prior. I had told him what had happened and that I was going to go to the Swing club and meet someone so that I can finally have sex.

Tariq was a man I met for coffee to see if we were compatible to play together. I had decided against it because he looked so nervous. In my mind, I needed someone who was sure of himself because I was nervous enough for us both. So, while we skyped, he had asked me to wait before going to the club because he wanted to come and see me. He wanted to talk about this idea of me going to the club because he was genuinely concerned for my wellbeing and would live to regret my move.

Tariq arrived an hour later. He wasn’t the classic guy that I would normally go for. He was tall, but thin and attractive enough but not someone I would look at twice. But at the moment he walked into the house, he looked at me with such compassion and care, that I grabbed him, kissed him and began undressing him in my hallway. I then dragged him to my marital bedroom and started to strip him naked. He was doing the same to me and by the time we were both undressed, we were breathing hard and ready for each other. Luckily I had condoms and lube. I had prepared for Steve’s arrival.

Within 15 minutes of Tariq walking into my home, we were in bed having wild and wonderful sex.  At that moment, I realized that I hadn’t felt that good in what felt like my entire life. I experienced my first orgasm in almost 15 years. It was incredible. He was gentle when I needed him to be, but in control when I wanted that. He also knew exactly how to make me orgasm.

To this day, he and I are still having great sex. We have an incredible sexual compatibility. The most orgasms I’ve ever experienced are with him and that was a total of 7 in a span of 4 hours. He knows how to turn me on. He knows what I like and how I like it.

But, I think that story will have to be told another time. Stay tuned.


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