The Artist and the Model

Have you ever been told that you inspired someone enough to want to paint and sculpt you? Well, up until 2 weeks ago, I never had, not really. But now, that’s all changed.



Have you ever been told that you inspired someone enough to want to paint and sculpt you? Well, up until 2 weeks ago, I never had, not really.  But now, that’s all changed.

You see, 2 weeks ago I was contacted by a local artist who is also in the swinging lifestyle. He has a profile on the same swinging website that I do. So when he saw my pictures, he contacted me and asked if I would be interested in modelling for him. I had received emails like that in the past but they always seemed a bit sketchy. The aim for those artists was always to have me come to their homes so they could sketch me but with the full intentions of me playing with them. But, in this instance, he told me that if I wanted to play, that was optional but it was not his main intention. What he really wanted was a woman with beautiful curves that he could use in a series of sculptures and paintings he could show at an art gallery. Well, that idea was certainly intriguing. He sent me a link to his website so that I could view his other art with the express purpose to prove to me that he really was what he said he was; an artist. And he proved to me that he was legit.  I became very excited about posing for a real artist along with the prospect of being immortalized on canvas and stone.

A few days later, I agreed to meet with him over coffee to see if he was someone that I felt I could trust and be at ease with. After all, I was going to be spending several hours with that man, nude in his home for long periods time. It was important for me to feel comfortable with him. As luck would have it, he is a warm, affectionate and caring individual. I instantly liked him and felt his warmth come across. Almost like someone I had known for a very long time. I agreed to pose for him the moment he smiled at me and said hello.

This past Tuesday, that moment finally came. What an amazing experience it was. I arrived at his home and he proceeded to show me around his studio, all his art work and the pieces he was planning of making of me. I admired his paintings and his multi-medium pieces, along with the sculptures he had carved in stone and marble. I was very excited at the prospect of posing for him. Eventually, we made our way back to his bedroom which he also turned into a mini studio. He has a large home but he is a widower and prefers to work late into the night. In order to not disturb his son who also lives with him, he uses a smaller space in his bedroom as another studio. Which as it turns out, is necessary so that I can pose for him on his bed.

The first thing I did was to undress. He offered to leave the room but I thought that was pointless because he was going to walk in and see me naked 2 minutes later anyhow. Besides, I’m very comfortable with my body and have no issues with my own nudity. Once I was undressed, he had me lie on the bed and he proceeded to take over 300 pictures of my body in various positions.  He wanted to capture every detail of me so that when I wasn’t with him and he was working, he would have a reference of my body. It was a little odd having him take so many pictures so up close. Sometimes it was of just of a breast, other times it was of my legs or full body shots. Regardless of the shots he took, he was always very complimentary of me and he gave me a copy of all the pictures along with permission to use whatever I wanted. So, I did. I posted 9 beautiful nudes of me on the swingers website where he and I met and enjoyed all the  wonderful comments I received from others who saw them.

That first day came to an end after 4 hours, 2 glasses of wine and a lot of laughter and getting to know each other. It was an amazing day. I went home looking forward to our next meeting. I was rather surprised by how turned-on I was by the whole process. To have someone so intimately scrutinize every part of my body, looking at shapes and details, then to tell me that I am beautiful every chance he had, well, let me say this much, he made me feel beautiful. More beautiful than I had felt in a long time. After all, I’m almost 52. Yes, I do get a lot of compliments on my photos. I have a beautiful curvaceous body. My hips are defined with a smaller waist and nice size breasts. I’ve been told that I have a body shaped like Marilyn Monroe, but nobody has a body like hers. I can only aspire to looking that good. But none the less, I love my body and iI take care of it to keep it strong and healthy. But he made me feel incredibly sexy. I was very turned on by his essence and his way of being. He is a sensuous, sexy man and I wanted to do more than just to pose for him.  So, before I left, I asked him to save time the following time we got together so we could play.

On day 2 of my experience as an artist’s model was equally thrilling and ended much differently than the first day. This time we started our morning chatting and talking about the sculpture he had started the previous evening. He was inspired by our day together and wanted to start working immediately.

Once I undressed, he placed me in my pose. His hands moved along my body, touching the curvature of my spine, my hips, my arms and legs. He was feeling for muscle definition to understand my body for when he began carving the details. We worked like this for about 2 hours, took a small break then worked some more.  After a couple of hours, when I got off the bed, he laid down a fresh sheet over his comforter. He then asked me to lay on my stomach because he was going to give me a massage. I got very excited knowing that work was done, and now playtime was beginning. It was finally his turn to be naked with me.

I’d like to say though, that my new artist friend is not the typical type of guy I normally go for.  I’ve always been attracted to men who are very tall (although I’m only 5’4″), athletic, and with a thick head of hair and between 30-48 yrs old. And, that describes both of my current partners. They are both 6 feet or more with great hair and nice bodies. Well, my artist friend does not necessarily match that profile. Yes, he’s tall but less than 6 feet, not athletic (he could stand to lose a few pounds but then again, I could too) and has thinning hair. But, he’s got something else that nobody else has, that attracted me to him. He has the soul of an artist.  He’s giving, creative and very sensitive. Being with him is easy and I love being surrounded by his energy.

Once he began massaging my back with him wonderful beautiful hands, I felt the electricity between us starting to build. He moved down my back towards my bum and then started to massage between my legs.  I was so turned on, I couldn’t wait for him to move his hands closer to my pussy and massage me there. I was squirming and moving until he could no longer resist me either. Eventually, he had me on my hands and knees and entered me from behind.  OMG, he felt amazing. What a feeling to have this man inside of me. Thinking about how he made me feel, has kept me wanting more from him and in a hurry. That was over 3 days ago now and I still am longing for his touch.

Now, I’m not typically someone who likes to describe the details of my playing with others because to me, it’s very private. Particularly because of the men I chose to play with. My 2 regular partners have been in my life for 11 months now. I have grown very attached to them and our playtime is very intimate. Now, with the artist, although I’ve only been with him once, I know already that he and I are going to be together for a long time. At least that’s my hope. I know without a doubt that our playtime will be something special in the future as well and probably even more intimate as we get to know each other better. He has made me feel like I haven’t felt in a long time.

I will continue to add more details about my artist and our sessions together. I imagine they will be very sensual and again, probably not so much what swinging is all about. But, I can’t help who I am. At the heart of it all, I am someone who loves intimacy and tenderness. The Swinging Lifestyle is not necessarily set up to be that way and that’s fine. Because those moments when I do want to swing with another couple or partner, I want it to be fun and light, with great sex. With my 3 guys, it’s great sex mixed with fun, sensuality and a sense of comfort.

Swinging – Decisions, Decisions

I can have casual, consensual sex with men who I find interesting and attractive. If a relationship builds while at the club, then that’s fine, but I won’t be looking for it anymore.

Yesterday I came to the conclusion that I no longer wanted to meet men to establish a relationship to become a long-term playing partner. I realize that in the past, it was very important to me to know my partner and to know him well. The better we knew each other, the more at ease we would be when it came to having sex. It’s easier to ask for what you want and feel less judged if you want to explore something new.  But I realize now that I may have been chasing the impossible. I think I was looking for the type of relationship that I had with one of my other partners. The one that I split from three weeks ago. This type of relationship takes time and energy, neither aspects that I want to engage in at the moment. He and I were together for 9 months so I know that finding someone new to play with won’t happen overnight.

I know that no man can fulfill all my physical and emotional needs and desires while also being my sexual partner. First of all, being married precludes me from having a real relationship where that can happen, and what I mean by  that is all the perks, bells and whistle that come along when you are seeking to build a life with a new partner.  In the swingers world, that can’t happen between sexual partners. When it does, it usually leads to divorce. This divorce was likely to happen even without playing with others outside of the marriage. So, that’s not usually the cause, but just a symptom.  This is why I am very pro-polyamory (having more than one  loving relationship at the same time, with the full knowledge and consent all involved).  If our society was more accepting of it, I would certainly find myself in that situation. I know I have the capacity to love more than one man at a time. Besides, I truly don’t think one person can fulfill all your needs, emotional or physical and nor should they have to.

Despite some of the pitfalls, I think I have the best of both worlds. I have a stable marriage with my husband, a wonderful play partner that I enjoy  my morning coffee with every day, and great sex with at least once a month. So, you see, the sex might not be often, but the friendship and closeness we have after 9 months is fantastic. You could say I’m a very lucky woman. No, we don’t tell each other we love each other or pledge our undying love, but we have a different kind of closeness. It’s “No Ordinary Love” as he once pointed out to me. We can’t allow ourselves to cross those boundaries. If we did, then both our marriages could be in trouble. I use to long for him to fulfill my emotional needs but I realize that would be a mistake. Although, I have been asked the question by a couple of friends if I would leave my husband for him. There are days that I would in a heartbeat. But there are also days where I think to myself that he cheats on his wife. Why would I want to put myself through that. Then I think that I would be happy to have sex with him at least once a week, more if we had the time so he would have no need to go elsewhere. It’s sort of like a cat chasing it’s tail. I spin the same way on the issue. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to leave my husband, it’s just on those days that I’m annoyed and angry at him. After 25 years together, they are certainly bound to happen. Even after a couple of months together that can happen. Doesn’t mean you ruin a good thing when the chips are down.

The major decision that I came to today was that I would no longer look for a long-term partner but instead go the to local swinger parties  and clubs around town and find myself a little fun there. As you can imagine, sex once a month with my partner isn’t enough, so having a bit of fun at the club is what I need to do to fulfill my sexual needs. No worries of building long-term relationships for the time being. I can have casual, consensual sex with men who I find interesting and attractive.  If a relationship builds while at the club, then that’s fine, but I won’t be looking for it anymore. I will be content to be with my husband and my sexual partner and enjoy the perks of playing with whomever I desire, in a clean and safe environment.

Swinging is great!

Swinging – Romance and Lasting Love

Being together was so effortless. It really was romantic and enjoyable. I loved that day with him and he did too. That day will forever be ingrained in my mind.


As a swinger, romance and lasting love is never the goal. Ultimately, what you are looking for is to find another couple to play with, preferably with your spouse. You either do a full swap or a soft swap, same room or different room or any combination thereof. In my case, because my spouse doesn’t participate in this lifestyle, I’m considered to be in an open marriage more than a swinger. The term swinger is primarily used for couples.

But regardless of the label that is given me, the guys that I play with are often times married. So, that doesn’t lend well to obtaining the type of emotional and physical intimacy that I require. For instance, I miss being romanced with candle lit dinners, dancing the night away, kissing, touching affectionately and caressing. It all just seems to fit for my personality.  But, this lifestyle doesn’t normally provide that and it’s not meant to. That type of connection is supposed to be found at home amongst couples.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the wild monkey sex too, but for me, all the romance and caressing would be nice to come before and after sex.  It creates a lasting bond in my mind. Where a man and a woman can share in the intimacy of their lives by touching, talking, kissing, even before they remove their clothing. Luckily enough, there are those moments that both partners come together and it’s there. That connection you long for, although not entirely perfect, but perfect enough.

One of my favourite play dates with my partner during these past 9 months was a day we spent at the hotel. We went for breakfast together at a diner we both loved, then off to the hotel we went. We played for about 3 hours, having a wonderful time then decided to stop for lunch. I brought food for us from home and we ate in the hotel room.  While eating and drinking a good bottle of wine, we went through the music on his playlist and talked about the songs that we both love. I learned about his favourite band growing up and he introduced me to a new album but particularly a beautiful song and to this day, it feel like it’s our song. That song in case you are wondering is “No Ordinary Love” by Dallas Green and Pink. Is that his way of telling me how much he cares for me? I’m not sure but I would like to think so. It’s simply a beautiful song and speaks to us both. Being together was so effortless. It really was romantic and enjoyable. I loved that day with him and he did too. That day will forever be ingrained in my mind.

I miss having those days with my husband. The days were we would spend all day in bed talking about whatever subject that was brought to mind. Although, this summer, we rented a cottage for the week and opened up like never before. It was simply wonderful to have that solitude together. No distractions from phone calls and very spotty wifi that we could only get down by the water so we really had to keep ourselves entertained. We talked a lot that week and in the evenings, we played cards. One afternoon during our walk, I took the opportunity to tell him about my feelings and everything that I was experiencing with my guys. It was an intimate conversation, but done in a light easy way. That was a really great day for us as a couple. We cemented our bond once again and it was simply beautiful.