A Lucky Woman

Last night was the first time I spent the night with one of my partners and it was all I dreamt it would be. First of all, morning sex! Wow, have I been missing out. It’s amazing. He’s amazing. My new artist partner Gary loves morning sex and can he perform. OMG!



Nude on the beach

Spectacular! The only way to describe my day and night with my artist.

Last night was the first time I spent the night with one of my partners and it was all I dreamt it would be. First of all, morning sex! Wow, have I been missing out. It’s amazing. He’s amazing. My new artist partner Gary loves morning sex and can he perform. OMG! But, let’s back up a bit. I need to give you a bit of background on how it all lead to that.

On Thursday, my partner Tariq mentioned to me that his wife was going out of town at the end of the month for 4 days to a niece’s baby shower. He’s unable to go because he has no time off. So, because he would have the house to himself, he has asked if I would stay overnight with him. He wants to first go to the strip club, then the swing club then back to his place for the night. It surprised me quite a bit that he wanted me to go to his place because in the past he has always been paranoid that the neighbours might see me. But, I guess it’s because we will be arriving late at night, he’s not so worried about it.

When I read his message to my husband, my husband had no reaction. He basically nodded his head in agreement. As if to say, ya, alright, if you want. The reason I wasn’t too surprised was because he had told me in the past that I could stay with one of my partners if the opportunity arose. And he knows that if I get the chance to take off to Montreal with my partner Matt, we will be going for sure. So, he wasn’t too surprised my request from Tariq. That’s where I decided to open the door and ask if I could stay at Gary’s Saturday night. I had never done that in the past and I decided that with our son in NYC, it was as good a chance as any. Much to my surprise, he simply asked if I felt safe going there. Clearly I did, otherwise I wouldn’t raving about my night with him. 🙂

Saturday finally arrived. I knew I was going to visit my artist late in the afternoon. He had a couple of pieces of his art to deliver so it was decided beforehand that I would come at 5pm for dinner. That same morning, I spoke with my partner Matt by Skype. I had decided to tell him what Tariq had asked of me regarding staying overnight. I thought he would be excited for me. Finally getting a chance to bring one of them to the club and then spend the night. But, if I didn’t know better, I think Matt was jealous. I got the feeling that he thought that Tariq and I were over completely. But I was sure I had mentioned to him that we still talk and have a good rapport, despite not playing together every week like in the past. So, when I saw his face become very serious and then he asked if this was something I really wanted to do, it almost felt like he was hoping I would say no. It was as if he felt he was being betrayed. That’s quite odd coming from a man who shows very little emotions towards me. As a matter of fact, when he first contacted me that morning, I had told him I was just thinking about him and wanted to tell him how much I appreciated him and was happy he was in my life. His answer to that was rather unusual. He knew I was going to Gary’s in the afternoon and replied that he was surprised with my sentiments given where I was going later in the day.  My reply to that was to remind him that I am capable of caring (loving) for more than one individual at a time. I can’t use the word love with him, even after almost a year, because he would surely be very uncomfortable with it.  But, we had a wonderful chat and I reminded him that I really hope that his wife goes away for March break so that he and I can have our night together. You see, I was always expecting my first time to spend a night with one of my partners would be him. I never in my wildest dreams expected it to be the artist. After all, I just met him and me and Matt have been talking about spending a night together for almost a year now.

Now for my beautiful date with my new, talented and very special lover Gary. Yes, I suppose I have changed the verbiage on that, haven’t I. Normally, when I speak about my guys, I call them my partners. But for some reason, with Gary, it feels different. I guess it’s because he’s single and he has no issues about expressing his feelings towards me. This is really new for me because neither of my other two guys really have told me how they feel. Apart from telling me he cherishes me, Matt has never expressed much more. Although Tariq is a bit more upfront with his feelings but not as much. With all three of us being married, it certainly is understandable. We don’t need to be crossing lines.

With Gary though, he has already told me how much he cares about me, and I have done the same towards him.  He understands that I am married but we have decided not to hold back how we feel knowing full well that it may or may not last forever. We both decided it is better to care deeply and get hurt, then not care at all.  But I digress. Back to my date. When I arrived there, we sat and chatted for a bit then  he showed me the work he has been working on. After an hour or so, we sat and ate a wonderful roast that he took the time to make for me.  My husband rarely cooks so having Gary do that, was a real treat. While eating, we chatted about his and my families and learned more about each other. He’s very interesting. I enjoy his company tremendously. He makes me smile and fills my heart with joy.

Once dinner was over, we moved into the bedroom and had a nice glass of wine. After a while, he left to take a shower and I got undressed but left on my panties and put on my camisole.  When he returned from his shower with just a towel wrapped around his waist, he layed me down on the bed and we began kissing. He’s a wonderful kisser. I don’t kiss often so I certainly enjoy it when we do. For a man of 53, he has tremendous stamina and sex drive. He’s an amazing partner. He’s so generous and giving. I am a very lucky woman.  We played for a few hours, but with both of being sick, I was pretty worn out. He had more energy than I did but was fine with snuggling and caressing me. Not to mention going down on me for what seemed like hours. Wow, does he ever know what he’s doing down there to please me. I keep saying I’m a lucky woman, because I really am.

Our evening moved from playing to caressing and snuggling until I could no longer stay awake. He gave me some nighttime medication to help me sleep with my cold.  That act alone was very romantic to me. I just wish I felt better for our first time together. We could have played for many more hours if I felt better. But then again, after 3 hours of playing, my pussy is usually pretty worn out. I needed a break.

Morning came and the playing started all over again. I haven’t had morning sex in almost 20 years. What a great feeling. First time in a long time I didn’t need coffee to wake me up. I was wide awake and raring to go.  He simply turns me on so very much.

Our morning ended with a shower then breakfast at a local diner. We returned back to his place, snuggled some more, played a little bit then it was time for me to leave.

Leaving was difficult. I could have stayed in bed with him, dressed or not dressed and just enjoyed his company. We really have a great rapport and seem to intuitively understand each other.

When I arrived home, I noticed my husband was a bit cranky. He allows me to do these things, and I know he isn’t crazy about it, but the fact that he gives me the freedom to fill my emotional and physical needs tells me a lot about how much he loves me.  I made a point of telling him how much I appreciated him allowing me to go. After all, he is still my husband and I am still his wife. We have a bond that seems to be unbreakable but I am not foolish enough to believe. I still have be cognizant that he has feelings and it probably hurts him more than he expresses to me. For that, I love him even more. He loves me enough to give me my freedom, so I must not take advantage of that.

I’m a lucky woman.



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