The May 2-4 Weekend

So, here in Canada, we celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday on May 24th of each year. But, luck would have it, the powers at be have decided that we make a long weekend of it and celebrate it by taking the first Monday closest to that date. So, this year, we have May 22nd off in lieu of. And you know what that means! More time to play!!!

I’m starting my long weekend off by leaving work today (Friday) at noon. I’ll be coming home to do groceries with my husband, go for a pedicure and getting my clothes and cooler together to head to Gary’s for the weekend. You ask why am I bringing a cooler to Gary’s? Well, tomorrow we are heading to a Swinging Pool Party!  This will be the first of many I suspect for this summer.

The plan is to go at around 3pm, in order to catch a bit of sun so I can get some colour. I’m a little on the pale side at the moment after a long cold winter and a very long and cold spring. We will no doubt play in the pool, lay on the grass and give each other massages and play together a little.  Then in the early evening, we are hoping to go downstairs and use the Sybian. I want to try it out to see what it’s like. I’ve never used one before and it looks super exciting. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically like a mechanical bull but with a dildo on the end of it. 🙂

When we go to these pool parties, everyone is asked to bring food to share with others. So, going early like that doesn’t mean we have to leave to go home and have dinner. The joy of it all, is we can stay to swim in the afternoon, play a little, eat and play then swim so more. This makes for a great day of fucking with various partners if that’s what you like. Who knows what I will do. The last time and only time I went in the summer for this pool party was with my husband because I really wanted to experience what it was like. We only stayed a few hours and didn’t play at all. My husband agreed to accompany me as long as I didn’t go off and play with someone. I promised him I wouldn’t. I certainly had the opportunity though. I had 2 guys on me the moment I stepped out in my bikini. But, I was adamant about not hurting my husband’s feelings by betraying my promise. So, I hung out in the pool and chatted with the guys instead. It was fun and made me excited to go back. I didn’t return until fall after the pool was closed. This summer promises to be different.

So, the next time you hear from me will be about my weekend. I will tell you all about the pool party and how it went. Hopefully it will be as exciting as I imagine it will be. This is Gary’s first time going so I hope it’s not a disappointment for him. Regardless, as long as he and I are together, we will make our own fun. We have great chemistry in bed together and we never leave each other wanting more.





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