Three Men and a Lady – My First Foursome

I had just experienced my first MMMF. I could not have continued playing any more that I had at that point, or so I thought​. ​


I’ve been asked by a couple of readers to expand on my foursome experience from a few weeks ago. So, here it is.

A few weeks ago, we went to a swing party at a home ​an hour outside of town. ​ ​I had been there on my own in the past but this was the first time for Gary to go. He’d never been to a swing party at a home with this many people. ​There were about 40 couples and a ​few​ single guys ​on this particular night​.​ We were celebrating Easter so all the women were wearing their best Playboy Bunny outfits. A few men were dressed as Hugh Heffner so that was a lot of fun. I received several compliments on my costume. From what I was told, when I walked by, not only were the men watching me, but so were several women. My curves and long blond hair attract a lot of attention.

Gary and I were probably the first to go downstairs to have fun in the play area. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. This was his first time there and he was excited to play. One by one, other couples came downstairs to join us in​ the play area as well. There was enough room around us that we had plenty​ of space​ to enjoy ourselves. After a while, Mike, a guy I had met before but never played with, came down to watch the action. At that point, Gary had asked me if I wanted to have someone join us. I thought to myself, why no​t, ​I know how much fun it can be. So, I invited Mike over. Wow, I was glad I did. Not only was he well endowed, but he has a great body. The whole package really. So, the three of us played ​blissfully​ together ​while​ the play area got more and more busy. Eventually, a couple​​ l​aid​ next to us. ​The room was getting crowded and there were about 6 other couples playing. ​At one point, the woman invited her husband to join her and her play partner. But, instead, he​ sat down behind Gary and​ started to touch me. First, he touched my legs, leading up to my pussy. His hands were soft and tender. Gary was on top of me, and I was sucking Mike. I guess at one point my eyes opened wide and Gary realized that there was someone behind him. He whispered to me asking me if I wanted to have this other man leave. I told him no, it was ​not necessary​.​ Normally, an individual would not join uninvited to play with people like that but I felt safe at that moment and didn’t mind. ​Within time, this man moved up closer, and started to caress my breasts while Gary was still fucking me and I was sucking Mike. It was so hot, having these 3 men playing with me,​ and knowing​ others around were watching​ us, it was a real turn-on​. I was on top of the world. I have never had that much stimulation at once from so many men. First I would suck Mike, then turned towards the other man. Gary moved over so Mike would have a chance to fuck me while I sucked him and this other guy. Spectacular! This lasted almost 2 hours. The touching, caressing, sucking and fucking was so overwhelming. I was panting hard, orgasming like crazy and simply totally spent when we were done. I had just experienced my first MMMF.  I could not have continued playing any more that I had at that point, or so I thought​. ​We​ slowly​ got dressed and went upstairs for a drink.
Within an hour, we decided to go back downstairs because Gary was going to put me on the table to give me a massage.

​While h​e massaged me​, ​I lay quietly watching a couple play together. This​ was a couple I had played with in the past, so watching them was pleasant. I knew they were married and found it really pleasing to see them still enjoy each other as much as they did.
While Gary was massaging me, a woman ​approached us and I asked if she wanted to join in. ​ She was happy to oblige. ​Once the massage was over though, ​I asked if she would be interested in playing with us. Well, Gary ha​d​ never played with 2 women before and I had never had a partner play with me and another woman so I was nervous about how I would feel about it. ​I was worried that I would be jealous and really hate the experience. So, from the massage table​, we went to the matt where we were going to play. Immediately, Gary started to do oral on this woman. And because I’m not bi, I started to massage his back and just touch him​ wherever​. But after a few minutes, I realized that ​there was no room in this trio for me​. Seeing that’s not my style, I looked over and saw the couple that I knew still playing. At that point, the husband saw me and invited me over. So, I took advantage of the invite and went over to play with him while Gary was busy with this other woman. Gary is a very visual person. He is also someone who rarely orgasms. He has only orgasmed 2 or 3 times in the past 4 months we’ve been together. Not because he’s not stimulated but because he has trained himself to not orgasm until his partner has been totally satisfied. But then, sometimes he goes beyond the point of being able to and it simply doesn’t happen. That’s what happened that night during the foursome. He simply could not orgasm. But, once he saw me sucking my friend’s cock, while he was fucking this ​new ​woman​ that​ he did not know, well, he ​exploded.​.. he came so quickly after entering her that he felt like it was his first time having sex. He simply couldn’t help himself. He was excited about the evening, he was excited watching me give oral to another man and he was excited that I invited a woman to play with him. It was the perfect storm. He blew his load after being in this woman for about 5 minutes. Something he had never done before. It was incredible. I was so relieved that I didn’t have that sense of jealousy. How could I? He has allowed me to have as many men as I want, when I want. I could not deny him that as well.​ I was happy to do it for him and will do it again. but the next time, he knows what he needs to do in order to make it a threesome. ​

Sex is pleasure. It doesn’t have to be about jealousy and getting emotions all tangled up. Yes, it can lead to that if you play with the person often, get to know them on a personal basis, such as Gary and I have, but if it’s a one-time thing or the occasional tryst, then it can be managed. I’m just glad I ​gave him that experience​. It made him so happy that I was able to do that for him. It was worth it​ and I will do it again.​



Sensual Touch

massage oils

Another weekend, another great sensual and sexy experience! Yes, I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with my wonderful artist Gary. He is the most sensual, exhilarating man that I know.

Our Friday evening started like any other Friday evening. A little bit of chatting, a glass of wine then kissing.​ We love to kiss and I’m so happy about that. I married a man who rarely enjoyed kissing so it’s been a beautiful re-discovery. Eventually​ we moved to the bedroom, ​and ​as usual, that’s when the magic happened. We started with a full body massage.  He works with large stones when he carves and it can take a toll on his body. So, for a treat, I la​y​ him down on his stomach, ​poured ​oil all over h​is back​ and started to​ give him a​ massage. ​Hearing the moans and groans, I knew he was enjoying it. With that inspiration, I got the idea to pour oil on my breasts, and proceeded to rub my whole front side up and down his back. ​By his reaction, ​​I could tell that he was enjoying himself immensely. This lasted for a short moment, until he turned around and looked at me. He had a look I have never seen from him before. His face had an expression of tranquility and desire. It was so beautiful to see. I had managed to make him feel just as I had felt on the evening he took such good care of me with a massage back in February. ​On that particular night, we were to go to a Valentine’s swing party but I simply was feeling too sad and vulnerable. ​I was not in the frame of mind to play with anyone. So, instead, ​that evening, he made me feel loved and desired. A feeling I had not felt in a long time.

Once he turned around and looked at me, we kissed and embraced. But then, that’s where the real action started. I wanted him to feel pampered and spoiled. The best way I know how to do that is to be on top and do the work. I love being on top. I love how he enjoys it so much and calls out my name. I love how he holds my breast while I move back and forth and the way he looks into my eyes with such love and adoration.  Being on top gives me the opportunity to ultimately please him while also being pleasured. It’s simply awesome.

This was probably one of the most sensual and romantic love making sessions I have ever experienced. I know we will never be able to repeat that very experience, but I look forward to many more in the months and hopefully the years to come.

I have been lucky to have a man such as Gary in my life. Yes, we met because he wanted to photograph me with the purpose of painting and sculpting my body, but his soul is what spoke to me when we met. I fell in love with him the first time I posed nude.

​Although h​e​ continuously​ tells me that he is the lucky on​e and that he​ has hit the jackpot by meeting me. Not only does he find me very beautiful, but because I am also very sexual, that has been a huge part of our relationship. We both revel in each others bodies and truly love sex. We have had male partners join us in our fun because Gary loves to watch me have sex. He finds me at my most beautiful when I am excited and turned on. He loves to watch a man please me and bring me to climax. When we play as a threesome, Gary will watch, take a few photos then join in on the fun. This whole process is a huge turn-on for him and I love it too. What’s not to love eh. I get to be with my lover and have the pleasure of choosing another man to join us.

I have gone from zero to 100 on the sex scale of joy in a short year and a half since I’ve started in this lifestyle.



Sex on the Brain

Gary really thinks he won the lottery by being with me. In a lot of ways, I feel the same but I have a sense of emptiness sometimes

I’ve been spending a lot of my weekends with Gary lately. I went yesterday afternoon to spend time with him because he had an art show and I wanted to be there to support him. He’s a wonderfully talented artist. But I noticed during our conversations that a lot of what we have in common is sex. Our conversations tend to revolve around sex all the time. Now that I’ve started to notice it and it really has me questioning how much we have in common. Don’t get me wrong, sex is a great subject but does every conversation have to end up as a sexual innuendo or a discussion of what he wants to do sexually with me the next time?  He loves the fact that I am very sexual but it also stresses me out in the sense that if I ever decide I need to step away from playing so much, how will he feel? He loves that I love to play in threesomes, but I think that eventually, I will want to just be with a single partner in a loving relationship.  I don’t know if I will want to stay in this lifestyle, at least not to the point I am playing now. ​ Gary is a great lover and satisfies me completely. I do enjoy others but nobody can do it the way he does for me. Not even Matt and I’ve been with Matt for over a year.  These sex conversations are something that have been on my mind a lot today. I mentioned it briefly to him but I’m not convinced that will change anything.  I do love being with him, but do I want to spend the rest of my life with him? I have yet to know the answer to that.

You see,  Gary really thinks he won the lottery by being with me. In a lot of ways, I feel the same but I have a sense of emptiness sometimes.   I want to feel whole and joyful but I don’t.  Perhaps it’s because I am uneasy with my son knowing that I play with other men and that I was out last night at a man’s place. He doesn’t know who’s place but he knows I was out.  Perhaps if my son didn’t know, maybe I would feel fine today. I don’t know. Maybe I feel dirty and I don’t like this feeling. When my son didn’t know about what I was doing, I didn’t have this issue so much, but now that he does, hiding it is much harder.

There’s also the fact that Gary told me that he would be going to Toronto with a female friend (V) of his that he played with before. She likes to go to a swing club out there and always asks that he take her because she doesn’t like to go alone. It kind of annoys me that I will miss out on a Saturday night with him because of her. The worst part is, I know she wants to be more to him than a friend but he doesn’t see it. I remind him that every time he does something like this with her, it sends her the wrong signals. She probably thinks that he will eventually leave me and go with her. He tells me he’s not interested in her. She’s a big woman and although that doesn’t bother him, I still think he likes the fact that she wants him and it makes me crazy.  I’ve never had to share any of my partners with other women. They always only had me as a partner. Now, with Gary, he has his V and a couple that he plays with. I don’t mind the couple, but him playing with V who is a single woman that make me crazy, I simply want to scream!


Where do I go from here? Keep on Swinging!

If I hadn’t chosen this lifestyle, our marriage may not be in jeopardy. It’s difficult to say though. So, I think playing together as a couple, you share a part of you with the person you love and it can be a bonding experience.

It’s happened. I’m falling deeply in love with my artist. So where do I go from here you ask? I’m not sure. But I do know one thing, I spend a lot of time thinking about him and wondering what my life would be if we were together as a permanent couple. Yes, I realize we are in the honeymoon period of our relationship at the moment, but it just feels so good and so right.

The other day during a very boring meeting, I found myself doing a list comparing him with my husband. I know that seems rather unusual for a woman my age (52) but I needed to find a way to sort things out in my head. You see, my husband doesn’t drive, doesn’t want or need sex, has no drive to better himself and refuses to do any type of physical work around the house. To top it all off, he’s a depressive human being and sees negativity all around him. Living with him hasn’t always been easy. He has put me in a depression simply from being with him so much and seeing him that way. It’s difficult on a person to live like that.

My artist on the other hand lives life to the fullest. Having lost his wife a few years ago, taught him that life is too short to be unhappy. I love that he is a positive person.  Being around him makes me feel good. His positivity is as infectious and he makes me happy. Don’t get me wrong, my artist can be very serious and insightful when he needs to be. When I’m struggling with decisions about my marriage, he is always there willing and ready to talk to me about it. He doesn’t push me, nor try to convince me to stay or leave my husband. He wants it to be my decision so that when I finally do decide what it is I want to do there will be no regrets. He has also told me that regardless of my decision, he will support me throughout. He wants me happy and will be there for me to lean one when I need to.  He’s a very special man.

Don’t get me wrong though, he is not perfect. Nobody is. This past week, I had a very bad day at work and simply needed to talk to him to say hello.  But he was not answering my phone calls nor my texts. It was very upsetting. I felt that I had already been forgotten about. My insecurities took the best of me and had me believing that it was a case of out of sight, out of mind. But, the next day after he read my email to him telling him I was very upset that he ignored me so much, he apologized profusely and promised to do better. So far, I have to admit, he’s done better and I am happy about that.  I’m not trying to control him, but being acknowledged by the one you love is nice and a couple of texts a day or a phone call is not too much to ask for in my opinion. Considering we only get to see each other once a week.

One thing we did talk about is if he and I get together as a couple, we would like to continue to swing with others, but together as a couple. We have been together for 3 months now and have had 2 other men join us to play. One was my other partner, and the other was a friend that I met at the club. He is what people call in the swinging community a BBC – Big Black Cock.  And that he certainly is. It was a lot of fun for both of us and we don’t want to lose that type of playing any time soon. But I think that if we play together with others, our bond will strengthen. Playing apart as I have learned, can cause issues. Although my husband doesn’t play, I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of men on my own and it can open your eyes to things you are missing in your life. If I hadn’t chosen this lifestyle, our marriage may not be in jeopardy. It’s difficult to say though. So, I think playing together as a couple, you share a part of you with the person you love and it can be a bonding experience.

Life is too short not to live it to the fullest and for us this lifestyle allows us to explore our sexuality like we have never been free to do before.



The Other Man

I felt like I had known him forever. I wanted to touch him, talk to him and be near him from the first day I posed nude for him. I simply couldn’t and still can’t get enough of him.

My artist is a widower.  I think I mentioned that in a previous post. He is free to love and be loved by whomever he chooses. Although it’s only been a couple of months, he has already told me that he loves me. I have fallen hard for him as well. He is able to provide me with the affection and desire that I have been lacking in my marriage for years. That need to be needed and wanted. So, therein lies the problem. I have my husband whom I share a history with and a new man that I am falling deeply in love with. I don’t have the strength to leave him knowing that our relationship could ruin my marriage. I desire him so wholly and completely. There are days when I imagine my life with him but at the same time, I can’t imagine my life without my husband.  Well, most days I can’t. Today isn’t one of them. I can very easily imagine my life without my husband.

Recently, that has been happening a lot. My husband is working evenings now so we see each other about 15 minutes a day during the week. I don’t seem to miss him at all.  Our 22 year old son has been much more talkative and outgoing with me now that his father is not around as much. It’s not that they don’t get along, it’s just that our son has no respect for his father. My husband has been out of work on and off a lot over the past 11 years. Our son finds him very complacent with regards to money, work and frankly our marriage. Our son knows that there is something going on with me, but he’s not aware of the details. I told him as much as I could – that I was not having an affair and that his father is aware of everything I am doing.  I left it at that. I didn’t tell him I was a swinger but I also did not want him to think I was having an affair. I didn’t want him to lose respect for me. So, it was important to me to set things straight. Therein lies part of the problem. He now thinks his father is a “pussy” because he’s not fighting for me or our marriage. Yes, those are the words he used in a text to his father the night I explained to him that things were not quite what they seemed. He  doesn’t understand how his father could allow me to be with other men or another man (I’m not sure what he thinks). He doesn’t understand why I stay with his father knowing full well that I have sacrificed so much of my life to keep the family together. He resents his father for not having the courage to support his family and to show ambition. Our son wants to look up to his father, but he can’t. In his eyes, there’s nothing there to admire.  You have to understand one thing about our son. He is a Type A personality. He’s competitive, brilliant (will be applying to MIT, Oxford, Cambridge and the LSE), outgoing and ambitious. His father is none of those things. I point blank asked him if he loves his father. He said he did, but has no respect for him or nothing in common with him. I find that very sad.

There was a time that I thought my husband was my ideal soulmate. We got along very well and still do in most respects. But he has changed. He is depressed and that comes out as anger. He is explosive at the smallest things. His anger is never towards me, but I am always there to see it. But now it seems that my idea of a soulmate has changed.  I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but I have found that when I first met Gary (my artist), I knew I met someone special. It was like déjà vu. I felt like I had known him forever. I wanted to touch him, talk to him and be near him from the first day I posed nude for him.  I simply couldn’t and still can’t get enough of him. Granted, we have never spent more than 2 days together and most of that time is spent in his bedroom. But we do more than have sex. We talk about the important things in life. We talk about my marriage and family, he tells me wonderful stories about his wife and their son growing up.  We talk about his art, my work, the renovations he is doing, the travelling we have both done, etc. We are never at a loss of what to say, but yet, we are also very comfortable with silence. We talk about the people we have played with and will play with together. We are very open and honest with each other about our emotional and physical needs.

Gary has told me that he is happy to be the “Other Man” if that’s what it takes for him to be in my life. He is also prepared to  have his heart broken if I decide one day that I can no longer be with him because it is ruining my marriage. But, in all honesty, I fear that he will decide to move on from me because he is looking for a woman who can provide him with a real relationship. One that entails going on holidays together, spending most evenings together and providing him with unconditional love that he deserves.  He is such a good hearted human being, and I am scared that I will lose him. He has shown me more than any man has ever given me. But ultimately, only time will tell. What we both need to do now is to focus on what we have in the present moment and enjoy each other while we can.  I really do love him. ♥  He makes me whole.

“A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.”
— Honore de Balzac


Swinging – Me, my lover and the Artist

He then spent the rest of the evening massaging me, touching me and making me feel whole again. I have never experienced such love and devotion before. He really put my needs ahead of everything. It was a sensual evening of touch, kissing, romance and music. He had a log in the fireplace, served cheese, crackers and grapes for us to snack on. Talk about a romantic.

Like I’ve been saying all year long, I’m the luckiest woman alive.  Not only do I have an amazing lover in Matt, but my new artist lover Gary has turned out to be an extraordinary man in his own right.

Our threesome was just as I expected. Absolutely wonderful. Both men in my life treat me like a lady and always put my needs and desires first. But being the type of person I am, I always want to make sure my partner is pleased as well. But while in the middle of our threesome, I was unsure of who to focus on. Did I focus on Matt, my long-term lover because he was in a strange home and new environment or did I focus on my artist because it was his home and I didn’t want him to feel left out because he is new in my life. But, being the gentle beautiful man that he is, he stepped back and made sure that Matt and I were comfortable together in his presence first and foremost. He decided to take photos of us together to start, to get us comfortable with him being there and so that he could sketch us together later on. The sketch on the top of this blog is one that he will paint and put over his bed in his room. He doesn’t care that it’s another man in the painting, he just loves knowing that when he took the picture, I was fully satisfied and happy. He always puts my needs before his at all times.

Once he was finished with his photography, he joined us and the play began. It was spectacular. Between the two of them, I was constantly moaning and groaning and in complete ecstasy. They are both very attentive lovers and always ensure that I am pleased first and foremost.  So, knowing that, I wanted to ensure that they were equally pleased too. I never expect my lovers to only give without me returning the pleasure. So, I did. Sometimes I focused more on one than the other, sometimes at the same time. When it was only one at a time, the other would step back and watch.  It was an incredible experience. Threesomes can be extremely satisfying with the right partners.

I really don’t think this experience would ever have been so amazing and sensual if I hadn’t felt the way I do about my guys. Yes, I love Matt and after a year, I don’t think that’s a big surprise. I don’t think I could have played with him this whole time without developing feelings for him. Whereas Gary, it happened very quickly. He’s got an amazing soul and being.  He makes me laugh and makes me smile. When I’m in a bad mood, just one look at him, and I feel better immediately.

For instance, this weekend we were suppose to go to a Valentine swing party. He was going to bring the food, I was bringing the gift for the gift exchange. Our plan was to play together, have fun in the hot tub and possibly find others to play with. He’d never been to this place and I wanted him to experience it. I have been a couple of times already and I know going with him would have been a lot of fun.

But, I wasn’t feeling well. I was bloated, had pain in my shoulder and felt very cranky. So, instead of going to the party, I went to his place to spend the night. When I arrived at his home, he had heating pads for my neck and shoulders, as well as one for my belly. He then spent the rest of the evening massaging me, touching me and making me feel whole again. I have never experienced such love and devotion before. He really put my needs ahead of everything. It was a sensual evening of touch, kissing, romance and music. He had a log in the fireplace, served cheese, crackers and grapes for us to snack on. Talk about a romantic.  Not once did he ask to play or expect to. No expectations, no demands and no mention of being disappointed that we couldn’t play. He really is one in a million.

But as the night progressed and I started to feel better, so we played for a while. We played again when we woke up at 4:30 am. Morning sex really is great. Something I knew nothing about before he and I got together. My husband was never much into sex in the morning – or was that me? Regardless, I have discovered how great it really can be.  When we were finished playing, we snuggled in each others arms and fell back to sleep for a few more hours.





A Lucky Woman

Last night was the first time I spent the night with one of my partners and it was all I dreamt it would be. First of all, morning sex! Wow, have I been missing out. It’s amazing. He’s amazing. My new artist partner Gary loves morning sex and can he perform. OMG!


Nude on the beach

Spectacular! The only way to describe my day and night with my artist.

Last night was the first time I spent the night with one of my partners and it was all I dreamt it would be. First of all, morning sex! Wow, have I been missing out. It’s amazing. He’s amazing. My new artist partner Gary loves morning sex and can he perform. OMG! But, let’s back up a bit. I need to give you a bit of background on how it all lead to that.

On Thursday, my partner Tariq mentioned to me that his wife was going out of town at the end of the month for 4 days to a niece’s baby shower. He’s unable to go because he has no time off. So, because he would have the house to himself, he has asked if I would stay overnight with him. He wants to first go to the strip club, then the swing club then back to his place for the night. It surprised me quite a bit that he wanted me to go to his place because in the past he has always been paranoid that the neighbours might see me. But, I guess it’s because we will be arriving late at night, he’s not so worried about it.

When I read his message to my husband, my husband had no reaction. He basically nodded his head in agreement. As if to say, ya, alright, if you want. The reason I wasn’t too surprised was because he had told me in the past that I could stay with one of my partners if the opportunity arose. And he knows that if I get the chance to take off to Montreal with my partner Matt, we will be going for sure. So, he wasn’t too surprised my request from Tariq. That’s where I decided to open the door and ask if I could stay at Gary’s Saturday night. I had never done that in the past and I decided that with our son in NYC, it was as good a chance as any. Much to my surprise, he simply asked if I felt safe going there. Clearly I did, otherwise I wouldn’t raving about my night with him. 🙂

Saturday finally arrived. I knew I was going to visit my artist late in the afternoon. He had a couple of pieces of his art to deliver so it was decided beforehand that I would come at 5pm for dinner. That same morning, I spoke with my partner Matt by Skype. I had decided to tell him what Tariq had asked of me regarding staying overnight. I thought he would be excited for me. Finally getting a chance to bring one of them to the club and then spend the night. But, if I didn’t know better, I think Matt was jealous. I got the feeling that he thought that Tariq and I were over completely. But I was sure I had mentioned to him that we still talk and have a good rapport, despite not playing together every week like in the past. So, when I saw his face become very serious and then he asked if this was something I really wanted to do, it almost felt like he was hoping I would say no. It was as if he felt he was being betrayed. That’s quite odd coming from a man who shows very little emotions towards me. As a matter of fact, when he first contacted me that morning, I had told him I was just thinking about him and wanted to tell him how much I appreciated him and was happy he was in my life. His answer to that was rather unusual. He knew I was going to Gary’s in the afternoon and replied that he was surprised with my sentiments given where I was going later in the day.  My reply to that was to remind him that I am capable of caring (loving) for more than one individual at a time. I can’t use the word love with him, even after almost a year, because he would surely be very uncomfortable with it.  But, we had a wonderful chat and I reminded him that I really hope that his wife goes away for March break so that he and I can have our night together. You see, I was always expecting my first time to spend a night with one of my partners would be him. I never in my wildest dreams expected it to be the artist. After all, I just met him and me and Matt have been talking about spending a night together for almost a year now.

Now for my beautiful date with my new, talented and very special lover Gary. Yes, I suppose I have changed the verbiage on that, haven’t I. Normally, when I speak about my guys, I call them my partners. But for some reason, with Gary, it feels different. I guess it’s because he’s single and he has no issues about expressing his feelings towards me. This is really new for me because neither of my other two guys really have told me how they feel. Apart from telling me he cherishes me, Matt has never expressed much more. Although Tariq is a bit more upfront with his feelings but not as much. With all three of us being married, it certainly is understandable. We don’t need to be crossing lines.

With Gary though, he has already told me how much he cares about me, and I have done the same towards him.  He understands that I am married but we have decided not to hold back how we feel knowing full well that it may or may not last forever. We both decided it is better to care deeply and get hurt, then not care at all.  But I digress. Back to my date. When I arrived there, we sat and chatted for a bit then  he showed me the work he has been working on. After an hour or so, we sat and ate a wonderful roast that he took the time to make for me.  My husband rarely cooks so having Gary do that, was a real treat. While eating, we chatted about his and my families and learned more about each other. He’s very interesting. I enjoy his company tremendously. He makes me smile and fills my heart with joy.

Once dinner was over, we moved into the bedroom and had a nice glass of wine. After a while, he left to take a shower and I got undressed but left on my panties and put on my camisole.  When he returned from his shower with just a towel wrapped around his waist, he layed me down on the bed and we began kissing. He’s a wonderful kisser. I don’t kiss often so I certainly enjoy it when we do. For a man of 53, he has tremendous stamina and sex drive. He’s an amazing partner. He’s so generous and giving. I am a very lucky woman.  We played for a few hours, but with both of being sick, I was pretty worn out. He had more energy than I did but was fine with snuggling and caressing me. Not to mention going down on me for what seemed like hours. Wow, does he ever know what he’s doing down there to please me. I keep saying I’m a lucky woman, because I really am.

Our evening moved from playing to caressing and snuggling until I could no longer stay awake. He gave me some nighttime medication to help me sleep with my cold.  That act alone was very romantic to me. I just wish I felt better for our first time together. We could have played for many more hours if I felt better. But then again, after 3 hours of playing, my pussy is usually pretty worn out. I needed a break.

Morning came and the playing started all over again. I haven’t had morning sex in almost 20 years. What a great feeling. First time in a long time I didn’t need coffee to wake me up. I was wide awake and raring to go.  He simply turns me on so very much.

Our morning ended with a shower then breakfast at a local diner. We returned back to his place, snuggled some more, played a little bit then it was time for me to leave.

Leaving was difficult. I could have stayed in bed with him, dressed or not dressed and just enjoyed his company. We really have a great rapport and seem to intuitively understand each other.

When I arrived home, I noticed my husband was a bit cranky. He allows me to do these things, and I know he isn’t crazy about it, but the fact that he gives me the freedom to fill my emotional and physical needs tells me a lot about how much he loves me.  I made a point of telling him how much I appreciated him allowing me to go. After all, he is still my husband and I am still his wife. We have a bond that seems to be unbreakable but I am not foolish enough to believe. I still have be cognizant that he has feelings and it probably hurts him more than he expresses to me. For that, I love him even more. He loves me enough to give me my freedom, so I must not take advantage of that.

I’m a lucky woman.